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Working Dog Insurance


Assistance Dogs are classified as ‘working dogs’, therefore the insurance that is required is a ‘Working Dogs Insurance’.  Pet Insurances that are currently being sold on the ‘high-street’ or on-line are not suitable for our dogs and do not provide the adequate cover we as a charity  require.

They are only a few companies within the United Kingdom that provide ‘Working Dog  Insurance’. The welfare of our Assistance Dogs is paramount and we as a charity ensure that they will have the best insurance cover. Therefore this type of insurance is more expensive than a normal Pet Insurance . Apart from offering excellent cover for medical conditions , this insurance also includes Public Liability Insurance for the Assistance Dog  which allows our Assistance Dogs to access public places unlike a family pet.

Working Dog Insurance usually starts at around £250.00 for a puppy and the insurance premium increases every year as the Assistance Dog is getting older. For example  in May 2019 , the insurance for a 6 year 7 month Assistance Dog was £384.90.

When the charity purchases the insurance cover , we are normally purchasing multiple insurance policies and are able to negotiate  a reduction in price. Furthermore, when it comes to claiming on the insurance , we have found that our insurance company easy to work with. As with all insurance policies , there will be an excess amount to pay when making a claim. It varies from £50.00 to £100.00 depending on the age of the dog. Once your allocated Assistance Dog passes their Public Access Certification Test and is placed within your home , you will be responsible for paying the ‘Working Dog Insurance’ for your allocated Assistance Dog.

As a charity we do not have a problem with families taking our qualified Assistance Dogs to the vet, however the charity will not be responsible for these bills, remember there will be an excess to pay ranging from £100.00 depending on the age of the dog.

Assistance Dogs like ourselves can pick up a 24 hour bug, we offer you the opportunity to contact us 24/7 to discuss your concerns as there may be simple steps that can be taken  in the first instance without the need of a trip to the vets. However should our advice  not make a difference  over a 24 hour period and our Assistance Dog is still unwell, lethargic and not drinking water. Then its time to consult the vet.  The charity will provide you with some basic Dog First Aid information.