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Below you will find the answers to the questions we are asked most about when applying for an assistance dog

  • Why can’t I register my interest for your assistance dog services at the moment?

    Unfortunately due to the high demand for our dogs and funding restrictions from our main funder. The Charity had to take the hard decision to close all our waiting lists. We want to ensure that we’re able to partner people with the right dog at the right time. While we want to be able to create life changing partnerships for as many people as possible, at present , we only have the capacity to train and place approximately 15 dogs per year.

  • Why can’t you place more assistance dogs per year?

    We work hard to ensure that every partnership we train meets the high training standards set by Assistance Dogs International . However as we receive no government funding and rely on public support and grants to continue our work, we are restricted by how many assistance dog partnerships we can train each year. At present we have the capacity to train approximately 15 dogs per year.

  • When will I be able to register my interest for an assistance dog?

    We regularly review our current waiting lists. Our current funding stream runs out in December 2020. The continuation of our work is dependent on the charity obtaining funding. Please keep checking our website and Facebook page for further details.

  • I’m interested in an Autism Assistance Dog – what can I do now?

    Unfortunately due to the high demand for our fully trained  Autism Assistance Dogs , we had to take the hard decision to close our waiting lists. In 2016 the Charity introduced the Family Member Fostering Programme. As the title states a family member would become the Foster Carer and train the puppy for their own child or family member under the guidance of ADNI Dog Trainers.

    This programme is not suitable for everyone and each application is considered on a case by case basis. If you are unsuccessful in securing a place we ask that you keep checking  our website and our Facebook page for further details in relation to the waiting lists opening again.

  • You currently don’t train assistance dogs to support my condition. Are you planning to do so in the future?

    We have many requests for new services.  Dogs are good for us and can support people in many ways.  We do pilot new projects however we cannot guarantee we will be piloting a service to help with your particular needs, it is helpful for us to understand demand for new services and to also have your contact details in case we were able to offer a pilot project to you.

  • Can you take my details and contact me when I can register my interest for your assistance dog services?

    No, unfortunately due to our limited resources we are unable to contact individuals when we start taking enquiries again.  Please check our website  and Facebook regularly to see when the list reopens.

  • Can you train my pet dog to help me?

    We get many requests about whether we are able to train people’s pet dogs as assistance dogs. Assistance Dogs NI Dogs only train assistance dogs that we have sourced and who have subsequently  completed our own puppy socialising scheme.

    There are a number of other organisations that can train a person’s own pet dog specifically for their individual needs, and as a registered Assistance Dog organisation can then register the dog/client partnership.  Their details are Support Dogs and Dog Aid however they are operational in Mainland Britain only.

    If employing a local dog trainer as an option, please see adpt.co.uk which is the website for the association of pet dog trainers.

  • Can I get an assistance dog jacket for my pet dog?

    No. Assistance Dogs NI is only able to give assistance dog jackets to dogs trained by the charity.

  • I’ve trained my own dog, how do I register it as an assistance dog?

    Assistance Dogs NI does not have an assessment process in place for dogs that have not been trained by the charity, and therefore is not able to ‘register’ pet dogs. There is no central register of assistance in the UK, so no formal registration system exists.

  • What can I do to help?

    Support us.  We rely entirely on donations to continue our work.  Without donations we simply could not do what we do.  Make a donation, on our website home page, or find out about ways you can support us.

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