A night of music by James Bradley in aid of Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland.

Benefits cited by parents

  • After my child attempted to bolt, the dog did not move so then neither did my child, thus saving my child’s life. I simply guided my child back to hold his dog and he did so without any fuss.  In the past if my child had  run off, it would have resulted in me chasing them and  him kicking and screaming when bringing him back.
  • Family used to find shopping and walking negative experiences, so they would avoid them altogether.  Now they say it is great to be part of the community again.
  • Parents noted how much the child loves the dog,  my child is helping them to feed the dog every day. My child even brushes the dog’s hair and now allows his parents to brush his hair, which would have been an impossible task in the past.
  • Child found the concept of possessives (who owns what) easier to learn when his dog’s items were introduced first as he knows his dog’s items so well.
  • Children are more adaptable to change since receiving the dog.  By giving commands through the dog, children accepts redirection with minimal fuss.
  • Parents noted how child’s spontaneous speech has improved since being partnered with the dog.

If you have any queries or require clarification regarding the criteria, please contact the office on 028 7776 8761.